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Fall 2022 Children's Session 

15 week session, In-person at the AF
October 3, 2022 to February 9, 2023
No classes November 21-27
No classes December 19-January 2
Les 7-11 meets for 1 hour 15 mins/week
Tuition: $350 + $25 materials fee 

Les 3-6 meets for 1 hour/week
Tuition: $280 + $25 materials fee 

Les 1.5-3 meets for 45 min/week
Canceled. If you are interested in a French for Toddlers class, please send us an email to tell us so and we'll schedule a group class once we have enough students.

(no textbooks needed)

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Bonjour! Are you looking to enrich your student’s educational experience?

Our new activity-based French learning program encourages your child to participate through activities such as games, cooking, singing, and arts and crafts. No textbook is required.

French is presented via practical themes (such as (Le Monde à Moi/My World) which include cultural topics as well as many opportunities for students to express themselves and their interests while speaking a new language!

Our classes are split into smaller groups of no more than 12 students which means more individualized attention, encouraging your student to be confident about learning a new language and meeting new friends!

NOTE: Click "CHILDREN" below to see Children's Classes.


15 week session
February 13 to June 3, 2023

No Classes April 2-9 (Spring Break) 
Tuition: $350 + $25 materials fee 
(no textbooks needed)


Make Friends · Have Fun · Learn French

Ages: 6-11 years-old
Week 1: (Tentative Dates)
Monday-Friday, June 19-23


Week 2:  (Tentative Dates)
Monday-Friday, June 26-30


AF Membership Required for all classes.

Fall 2002 Children's Session
15 week session
October 3, 2022 to February 10, 2023
No classes November 21-27 (Thanksgiving Week)
No classes December 19-January 3 (Winter Break)

Les 7-11 meets for 1 hour 15 mins/week
Tuition: $350 + $25 materials fee 

Les 3-6 meets for 1 hour/week
Tuition: $280 + $25 materials fee 

(no textbooks needed)

NOTE: Click "CHILDREN" below to see Children's Classes.


Teens aged 13-17 who are studying French in high school

 may enroll in one of our beginner-level Adult Summer French Classes

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FUN french for kids

Researchers believe there may be a 'critical period' lasting roughly from infancy until puberty during which language acquisition is effortless. Children acquire language through interaction with others and can benefit from playtime in French, learning French like they learn their first language.

Games offer a fun-filled, relaxed environment where your child can practise using new words in new situations, and are free to express themselves. Participating in recreational activities in French is an effective way to develop language and communication skills. It also helps your children to be more socially confident and may be a way to forge friendships.

Registrations after the first week are welcome
as long as there is space available
in the class.

French for ageS 3-10

The Alliance Française offers Spring & Fall French classes for children ages 3-6, ages 7-11, as well as French SUMMER CAMPS - for 2022, we have two weeks for 6-11 year olds! Our teachers are native or near-native French speakers and strive to make the classes fun and stimulating. Kids will gain the confidence to speak French and to later use their skills to start reading and writing in French.

French for teens

12-17 year old are welcome to register in Adult French classes, which may better fit their level of French studies. 


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